About the Breed

Springdale Australian Whites are the superior meat breed. The Australian White has been labeled by breeding associations as having high stability in both breed type and functional traits. It is a large breed that displays sound mobility and conformation with early maturity, high reproductive capabilities and an open breeding season. The Whites are a self-replacing breed with hardy, fast growth lambs. These qualities suit the Australian conditions providing Springdale with a successful flock.


Springdale Auctions

 Springdale Stud are proud to announce their 5th Annual Auction, which will be held at 1pm on the 3rd of September 2021! This auction will follow four previous successful sales, this forthcoming sale will have on offer over 60 Springdale Australian Whites rams in conjunction with another local stud "Keilah" Australian Whites. 


All rams on offer are of pure "Tattykeel" blood. Springdale Australian White Rams make terrific terminal sires with the added hybrid vigour they make for a great cross with any other breed. Springdale white rams are robust, healthy and hardy! They are second to none and are a tough, strong breed that won't disappoint. View our current rams below!


Phone Mark on 0417 247 372 or click here to email Springdale for information on their next auction and purchasing information. Alternatively contact Ben Johnston from Ray White on 0455 964 487 or George McVeigh from TopX on 0459 441 606.





Upcoming Auction Information

When:  Friday 3rd of September 2021

Where:   Stanthorpe Showgrounds High Street, Stanthorpe, Qld 4380



George McVeigh



Ben Johnston  


Ray White Warwick


History of the Springdale Stud

From 2008 Springdale started incorporating White Dorper rams over Damara ewes. A White Dorper stud was also successfully maintained simultaneously. As the years progressed the market began to demand more characteristics held by the Dorper and so the Dorper content in our flock was increased. The White Dorpers have served us well in terms of robustness, viability and reproduction.

Springdale first discovered the Australian Whites in 2013 through increased media attention and the following year, 2014, purchased two Australian White rams which were trialled over the White Dorper cross ewes. The results were over and above our expectations; the lambs were born full of vigour and grew rapidly with excellent conditioning through a tough winter.

The year 2015 saw Springdale purchase 20 Australian White foundation ewes from “Castlereagh” Stud. At this time we also purchased two “Tattykeel” Stud rams from the Gilmore family. By January 2016, we ran our first Embryo Transfer program, flushing 19 Australian White ewes. At this time Springdale also purchased a further 20 stud ewes from “Castlereagh” to increase the flock size and eventually produce the next generation of pure Australian Whites.


The progeny from this program continued to amaze us with the majority of the five-month-old ram lambs weighing 60Kg. And ewe lambs only 12 months old already giving birth without complications. The Australian Whites have displayed growth rates and fertility rates that are exceptional.

In 2017 Springdale became a registered member of the Australian White Sheep Breeders Assocication, which means Springdale Australian White stud are now registered breeders and purchasers and are assured of quality blood lines. Australian Whites registered as SPRINGDALE Flock Number 0083.

SPRINGDALE Flock No. 0083

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Australian Whites Quality Meat

Australian Whites are becoming more and more popular as a meat sheep as the quality and texture of the meat is superior and unique to the breed.


Most commonly referred to as the wagyu beef of the sheep world.

The carcass is of a traditional shape and size for domestic trade lamb and also when grown out is also very suitable for the export market.


The meat is of a fine texture and good colour, it is succulent when cooked, due to the meats intramuscular fat content.

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